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Becoming Recognized as a Leading Expert in Your Field Is By Far the Fastest Way to Boost Your Career or Business.

But How Can You 'Reach and Teach' the Millions Worldwide Who Could Benefit From (and Pay For) Your Expertise?

The Answer: Produce and Sell an Online Educational Course.

Dear Author, Expert or Entrepreneur,

If you're ready to learn more about authoring an educational course on Learnopia -- the Internet's newest and most robust platform for e-learning and information marketing -- join us and you'll learn the marketing strategies to get your e-courses selling day in and day out.

Perhaps you've been hesitant about offering e-learning courses because of the expense of building your own platform... or the difficulty of getting a merchant account.. or the effort required to recruit affiliates and market your program online. If so, our introductory video for authors showed you how Learnopia has solved these challenges.

I'll show you how to use online courses -- and Learnopia -- to build your business.

If you've ever wanted to be an e-learning provider... an internationally renowned expert... an online author and the go-to specialist in your field... If your business or professional career would benefit from corporations, national media and third-party marketers "discovering" you as the leading expert in your field and bringing you exciting deals and national exposure... If you'd like to add an easy profit center to your business that returns a staggering 75% profit margin selling info-products priced at $150 or more...

While creating a product and writing the sales letter are easy with my formula, for some reason, most authors, experts and entrepreneurs get stopped at the point they're ready to start selling online.

Has technology - and the complications of the Internet itself - stopped you cold?

If you've been stymied in getting started on the Internet – or worse – spent thousands of dollars and months' worth of effort on web designers, Internet gurus, marketing seminars and mentoring courses only to be left with little more than a "brochure site" – we'll end this no-win situation.

I want to introduce you to a brand new free e-learning platform designed to serve experts like you who want to use online courses to build your business.

No longer will you be a victim of zealous web “designers” who want to create expensive graphics and flash animation that doesn't actually serve the sales process. Never again will you blindly buy into the latest Internet marketing offer from "gurus" who want to sell you their small piece of the online puzzle. And no longer will you spend trustingly on expensive seminars, coaching programs and consulting packages when you could be spending your hard-earned money on driving traffic to a working website that's been built and programmed for you by some of the top marketers in the industry.

LearnopiaImagine having an e-learning platform for FREE! You only pay when you make a sale - it's the iTunes model for e-learning.

If you've ever wanted to sell educational courses online -- but simply couldn't master the technology, marketing, or delivery -- this company, Learnopia, is the answer.

They provide a way to easily create a description of your course. They give you tutorials for easily uploading audio/video/written content to their server. They process buyers' credit card charges at time of purchase and send you the money (minus a modest processing fee).

Then, once sales are made, they even deliver the course automatically using their robust, proprietary delivery system -- plus they provide customer service and technical support to your buyers.

They even cross-promote your course to OTHER potential buyers who have already purchased similar content from other experts (and they pay you a commission when a sale is made to any of your students).

I urge you to register now to learn how you can learn how to use Learnopia to boost your information products business -- from someone who's been working in the background creating these kinds of profit centers for nearly 20 years.

I've perfected the art of turning expertise of any kind into 52 different income streams ranging from book deals to coaching programs, high-priced consulting, seminars, licensing, subscription products, corporate contracts and more. Now, I'm offering Learnopia authors the "insider's" formula for building YOUR information-marketing business, authoring career or online presence as an expert in your field -- an opportunity I rarely make available outside of my celebrity client relationships.

Join us... and we'll help you get started selling e-learning programs that share your expertise with buyers around the world. I'll detail never-before-seen information on how to effectively assemble and market online courses. I'll be joined by Dwain Jeworski, the CEO of Instant Income Worldwide -- and a seasoned direct-response veteran who's not only developed marketing systems for companies like Fairmont Hotels, American Express, Ogilvy & Mather and others, he was the Vice-President of Marketing for the world's largest Internet marketing-training company.

To secure your place, register below and we'll send you the steps to getting started and also marketing your e-learning courses online.

We will also share insider knowledge of what works in selling online courses on the Internet -- and even reveal some unique strategies for using Learnopia to build your business.

We look forward to helping you get started,

Janet Switzer

P.S. When you register, you get a free course we've set up on Learnopia that guides you through the mechanics of setting up your own e-learning program...

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