If you’ve ever wanted a world-class marketer to help you
build your career, this announcement will be good news…

During Our Private One-Hour Consultation, I’ll Give You
a Customized Road Map for Building a Lucrative Media
Company Around Your Knowledge, Persona and Expertise

Private telephone consultation…referrals to industry insiders…
extensive sample documents are just part of what’s included.


Dear Expert or Author,

For the past 25 years, I’ve been an advisor to some of the most successful celebrity experts alive today. New York Times bestselling authors. World renowned motivational speakers. Industry leaders. Internet gurus. And so many others.

I like working one-on-one with clients.  And when a break in my schedule makes it possible to consult with someone like you who has knowledge to share with the world, I’m truly delighted.  To be honest, many people (perhaps you) don’t have time to go through a one-size-fits-all “program” to identify the specific strategies and tactics that will catapult your business and media career forward.  You might have an immediate opportunity you need to exploit — now.  Or you may want to learn everything from the How Experts Build Empires plan (or one of my other products), then have it “honed down” for your specific situation.

If this describes you and you wish I would just detail the complete road map for your business…telling you exactly what to do (and when) — today I have good news for you.

During the next three weeks (and for a few weeks thereafter), I’ve set aside a limited number of one-hour sessions to work privately with people like you who want to become my newest advisory clients.  Unlike the hundreds of thousands of dollars that my celebrity clients have paid for ongoing work, this advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly and economically give you the exact steps to take so you can move forward with a well-defined plan—then execute on your own.

During 60 intensive minutes by telephone, I’ll detail the exact steps you need to achieve YOUR goals for your publishing career and media empire.  By the time we’re through, you’ll have a fully developed road map for building your business.

Our Time Together Doesn’t Just Begin on the Phone

Janet Switzer consultation

Before we ever meet, I’ll review your business, your website, your industry, your products — even your publishing contract if you like.  I’ll formulate a marketing checklist, research potential joint-venture partners, plan marketing campaigns…

And only then will we talk by telephone.

If you’ve ever paid for a “consultation” with an expensive lawyer, financial planner or other professional, this time with me will be different from anything you’ve experienced before.  For one thing, I’ll learn all about you in advance via a focused questionnaire and assessment guide I’ll send you.  After reviewing it, I’ll take the time to “work on your business” before determining a recommended plan.

Once we’re on the phone, I’ll dictate marketing copy, connect you with people you can do deals with, suggest upgrades to your web marketing systems, point you to vendors who can help, plus so much more.

I’ll even record the call so that every headline, copy point, sales script, negotiating technique or other recommendation is captured for your future reference.

I’ll do all this—plus I’ll continue the advice after we’re through by sending you sample marketing campaigns and other documents directly from my own private archive.

I’ll even include my landmark 12-part Advisory Client strategy series—previously recorded and downloadable to your MP3 player—complete with written guides detailing specific profit centers for your permanent review.  This series is not available separately.  Becoming an Advisory Client is the only way to get it.


Only a handful of consultation times are available each week.  In fact, these consultation opportunities will disappear shortly when my upcoming product release starts impacting my available time.  After that I’ll focus on the marketing and distribution of it and the other products and media projects I have planned.

If you’d like to claim your spot for a one-hour consultation—which includes my unique questionnaire and assessment tool, my personal advance planning time—and my 12-part recorded Advisory Client series as a bonus—click through now to secure your appointment using our online system. My client services team will contact you to finalize details and answer any questions you may have.

Advisory client Marilyn Harris recently wrote to say: “Most experts tell you what to do.  Janet tells you “how” in such detail and so many viable ways.  She puts you in touch with amazing contacts and directs you in how to approach them.  I wish I’d known her 20 years ago.  I’ve taken numerous seminars to help me learn how to market; I give Janet my highest recommendation.  I’ve learned far more from her than all the others combined.”

Fewer than a dozen consultation times are left over the next three weeks.  If you want a business “road map” developed just for you—with complete details on how to execute, negotiate, create, joint venture, outsource, recruit, sell, promote and more—I urge you to click through now to book your appointment at the advisory-client rate of just $1,000 per session.

What do folks who’ve booked a private consultation say about their experience?

“I started with Janet’s course and made $45,000 from my first email campaign—which was amazing since previously I’d been lucky to earn $4,000.  Then I scheduled a two-hour coaching call with Janet.  I was very nervous whether I’d get my money’s worth, but Janet delivered.  In fact, she spoke so quickly that it was really like four hours of material.

It took me some time to recover from the amount of information, leads and specific advice she gave.  Every goal and task I wanted was accomplished on that call and in the substantial follow-up materials Janet sent.  I cannot praise Janet enough for her expertise and no-nonsense approach to marketing.  The consultation was tailor-made for a small-business owner like me with lots of start-up ideas.  Janet gets my whole-hearted recommendation.” —Melissa Burch, CCH, Classical Homeopath

“Janet Switzer is the real deal. My consultation time with her provided more ideas and insights than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend her.”—Joshua Coleman, Ph.D., Author of When Parents Hurt: Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Don’t Get Along

“There’s an old saying that those who can, do & those who can’t, teach.  Janet Switzer is the exception to that rule. Not only has she done it, but she has done it brilliantly for some of the very best in the business world.  I first became acquainted with Janet’s methods when I bought How Experts Build Empires.  Nevertheless, I wanted a personalized plan on what I should specifically do for my business.  So I arranged for some telephone time with Janet.  Because Janet first had me fill out a detailed questionnaire about my business, she already understood my needs and had a chance to prepare a detailed plan before we even spoke (no wasted time or money).  Our discussion was detailed and her plan was very specific on exactly what I needed to do for Step 1, Step 2, etc.  She even sent me the recordings of our discussion so that I could re-listen to it whenever I needed to.  I am now in the process of initiating her plan and I expect a dramatic increase in my revenues over the next few months.  Thank you Janet!”—Jeffrey A. Landers, author and owner of Offices2share.com

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When you become my newest Advisory Client, you’ll join a select cadre of authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and emerging market leaders who have discovered the exact steps to becoming a world-class celebrity expert, published author, seminar promoter, and recognized expert in their field.

Over the years, I’ve taken countless people under my wing—just as I’ll do with you.

In fact, I’ll go one step further and send you a bonus gift so the ideas and advice keep flowing to you—even after our telephone time is through.

My 12-Part Recorded Strategy Series for Authors, Experts and Consultants Is Yours FREE When You Book an Appointment Today

Recently, I worked for 12 intensive weeks with a group of authors, coaches, speakers and business experts. They all spent one hour on the phone privately with me (as you’ll be doing), then spent an additional 12 weeks as a group—learning the business of the knowledge-products business.

And what were the results?

One Advisory Client became a New York Times bestselling author and a regular guest expert on Oprah Winfrey’s television show. (He’s now a regular contributor to NBC’s The Today Show.) Another client launched the leading trade association in her niche market. One client landed a successful talk show on cable TV. Yet another became a publisher and marketing strategist to major gurus you’ve heard of.

Over the 12 weeks these experts spent with me, I recorded every minute of training and advice—and created elaborate handouts to help these folks plan, learn, take action and profit. It’s not surprising I went to this level of detail when you consider that the emerging experts who participated were my latest advisory clients (not just “participants” in one of the many generic programs offered in our industry). I was duty-bound to provide the best possible information so they could confidently implement the strategies and recommendations I gave them.

I not only provided massive resource guides and advance study materials, I prepared extensive lectures and held in-depth Q&A sessions.

By the time the 12 weeks were over, this select cadre of clients had learned what it takes to become a world-class celebrity expert, published author, seminar promoter, and recognized expert in their field. Dozens of authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and emerging market leaders participated in that 12-week series. And now I’m including it as a bonus gift with your in-depth private consultation so you can study it—and benefit from it—on your own schedule and in the privacy of your own home or office.

What Do I Reveal on These Recorded Advisory Sessions That Are My Gift to You?

The series starts with a complete discussion of the Funnel System of Information Marketing where I walk you through exactly how to develop a complete line-up of knowledge products, services, training programs, business-building courses, publications, train-the-trainer programs, licensed systems, private consultations and more.

Of course, the key to developing a successful marketing funnel for yourself is to offer increasingly elaborate products and ever more intensive experiences with you for continually escalating prices. I teach exactly how to give prospects and buyers dozens of ways to spend more money with you—while at the same time positioning you as a highly paid authority, a popular media personality and a leading expert in your field. I even discuss how to use the Funnel System to bring hundreds of thousands of potential buyers into your business.

And that’s just what I cover during Session One!

Of course, in helping these emerging experts build their information businesses from the ground up, I wanted to be sure their intellectual properties were legally protected. As you’ll hear in the recording, I dedicated Session Two to securing your copyrights, trademarks, audio releases and more. Sit at your computer—just as I and my Advisory Clients did that day—and walk through an actual trademark search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Listen as I talk about the two different types of trademarks—even how to secure a brand name you’re only thinking of using in the future!

I even discuss the four trademark classes and merchandise categories you’ll want to secure for your brand—and teach you how to successfully lock-up those categories even if you don’t yet have those types of products available for sale yet!

(Of course, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t give specific advice for any one person’s business or personal circumstances, but I do educate you on which rights to secure and how to talk to your lawyer about them.)

Session Three is all about the Internal Marketing Systems You’ll Need to quickly grow your own information empire. From the database you’ll need, to the Internet systems, the marketing systems, staffing and more, this is one discussion you won’t want to miss.

In Session Four, you’ll learn how to start recruiting other people to help you build your customer base and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of information products. If you don’t have any customers of your own yet, the fastest way to grow is to leverage the time, effort and money someone else has spent creating loyal customers who listen to their endorsement.

Session Five is all about executing your very first marketing campaign. There’s a complete checklist of steps you may not know about—but this important tutorial tells you every detail you need to consider before even scheduling your first promotion. When you learn the steps in this clear-cut, methodical way, it makes marketing so much easier—and so much less overwhelming.

Charge Thousands of Dollars Just Like the “Big Name” Gurus

Let me stop here for a moment and ask you a question…

Have you ever wondered how some “gurus” are able to charge thousands of dollars for a single home-study course, a simple coaching program, a brief weekend event or other commonplace knowledge product?

They actually develop the products with that high price in mind.

And you can, too.

As part of this recorded bonus series, I’ll tell you how to determine the price your market is willing to pay to solve a problem, reach a goal, achieve their greatest ambition or eliminate their greatest pain. If you can determine that price, you can begin to build your program up to that price and actually be paid what it’s worth to help people get exactly what they want.

Session Six of this bonus series tells you exactly how to do that.

Know With Certainty Which Offers Your Customers Will Respond To

Session Seven follows up on this important training with a discussion of how to determine pricing—and then develop compelling offers that get prospects to buy what you have to offer! I’ll even teach you how to support the price you’re charging with powerful case studies, comparisons, copy points, testimonials and price values that prove your price is modest, reasonable—even a steal!

Are You Charging $500 an Hour Yet? How About $1,200 an Hour or MORE!?

Session Eight tells you what you need to know to jump to the top of your field as a highly paid consultant charging hundreds—or thousands!—of dollars an hour. The first thing I’ll teach you is how to sell consulting packages versus charging by the hour. I detest hourly billings for consultants—because every time you conduct a consultation, you must resell your client on your own value!

Why do that when it’s so much easier to assemble a package of consulting services and other add-ons that lets your clients focus on the process of changing their lives and businesses (rather than focusing on whether they’re “getting their money’s worth”).

And, if you’ve ever wanted to launch your own coaching program successfully (just another form of consulting), Session Eight will reveal how to bundle together the sessions, the written materials and the preparatory packages that build solid value into any coaching program.

Of course, no Advisory Client series would be complete without a comprehensive discussion of how to market these expensive consulting and coaching services. That’s why I spend a major portion of Session Eight detailing the copy points that sell consulting and coaching—plus 20 separate marketing systems that are commonly used to market these programs.

With the complete discussion I include about raising your consulting fees, Session Eight alone could generate enough clients to keep you busy for months! Use it to generate just one new client, and you’ll more than pay yourself back for your investment as a consultation client of mine.

Sessions Nine, Ten and Eleven will teach you how to become a high priced speaker, how to market your packaged home-study courses, and how to market seminars and other live events.

With all the advice, training and insider details these recorded sessions include, you could learn enough to help you seize the “brass ring” of careers that celebrity gurus, authors and high profile speakers enjoy every day.

Build a “Platform” Big Enough to Land a 7-Figure Book Deal

Switzer Book DealOf course, I have one more session in mind to tell you about. In fact, I recorded it just days after my coauthor Jack Canfield and I landed a multi-million dollar deal for our book, The Success Principles, sold during a grueling four-day auction to publishing powerhouse HarperCollins.

Look, I don’t usually like to reveal deal points or the dollar amount of individual deals that I do in my business. But in this case, I’ll make an exception to demonstrate that there’s a specific formula for pitching and landing these lucrative publishing deals. I reveal every fundamental that Jack and I used to land that deal in a powerful Session Twelve that—by itself—could be worth your entire consultation expenditure.

During this powerful session, you’ll discover that landing a lucrative book deal like this—in my opinion—hinges on two specific factors: (1) the “platform” you already have in place with your career, and (2) the marketing you’ll do to sell your book to the masses.

To get just this session detailing how to land a mutli-million dollar  book deal and launch a worldwide career as a well respected, highly paid author earning potentially millions more over your career—how much would you pay? $10,000… $20,000… or more?

What about the advisory sessions detailing how to launch your own thriving coaching business, successful seminar company, boutique publishing business or info-marketing enterprise?

What’s it worth to you to learn how to protect your intellectual properties, recruit joint-venture partners, develop and market high priced home-study courses or launch a lucrative speaking career charging $5,000 per speech (or more)?

While I originally sold out the 12-session bonus series at $3,775 per person, it’s yours FREE with your $1,000 private telephone consultation session. (Click here to secure your private consultation online now.)

That’s 60+ minutes of private time with me…plus 12 audio-recorded tutorials lasting a full hour or more each…plus 12 detailed handouts that help you follow along, take notes and make career-transforming decisions as you listen.

Become an Advisory Client Today and Get Ready to Be on the Phone With Me Shortly

It’s rare anymore that I’m able to take on new clients—and even then, my agency partners and I require a minimum three-month contract with monthly retainers that top $10,000 a month or more.

This $1,000 private consultation is virtually the only way today to get my personal advice, guidance and training on how to build your own empire of super-lucrative consulting services, knowledge products, speaking engagements and other programs that could literally catapult you to celebrity expert status in your industry.

Imagine what you could do with the customized road map I’ll give you.

But be advised. While these strategies and techniques can work in many varied situations, the particular success you’ll enjoy will depend on your own talents and resources and how you apply them, how persistent you are, your entrepreneurial instincts and your business abilities.

All I can do is provide you with the time-tested teachings, guidance and mentorship that has worked for my clients – and could work for you. The rest is up to you.

Click through now and secure your Advisory Client appointment!

My client services team will follow up with you personally by telephone to finalize details and answer any questions you may have about the process. If you like, you can call my Client Services Director, at our offices in California —(805) 499-9400— with any questions before you buy.

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I look forward to working with you,

Janet Switzer

Janet Switzer

New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Success Principles and creator of How Experts Build Empires: The Proven System Consultants Use to Monetize Their Expertise, Attract National Media and Generate Recurring Revenue

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